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leasing and sales

By implementing targeted marketing and accessing industry research, dkcommercial brokers create strategic marketing plans targeted to their clients’ unique objectives. These detailed packages, which typically include vital data such as photographs, property specifications, building layouts, floor plans, aerial maps, income/expense information, and zoning ordinances that are shared with prospects and  brokers.

Site-specific real estate signage is placed on the property, clearly promoting its availability. All properties are promoted on:, and

These websites consistently generate qualified leads. In addition, properties are marketed to contacts and local brokerage firms via email.

We advertise our listings in local publications as needed. We will utilize our company database, as well as local affiliations and organizations to procure prospective tenants. As active members of ICSC, SAR, NAR, WIRE, CREW and several local Chamber of Commerce groups,  we utilize the professional relationships we have with all area brokers and retailers to network and promote your property.

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